I'm in animation....I should have something to show for it....right? =P Well here they are! My animations / leica reels / tests. Enjoy!

Of course, we use certain programs to play our videos in school, so I've maintained those formats. The mainstream would be quicktime. You can download a simple version here. Or....if you don't want to go through the hassle of the macintosh site, I have the quicktime program installer available for you! Click here to download quicktime program. It is apporximately 12Mbs. I got this version free of the net, so don't worry about it being pirated or anything like that.

Newer files are at the top.

NOTE: For the bigger files, it is suggested that you right click and "Save Target As". Only a suggestion.

Jak: Seq03-Sc10 (692Kbs - Windows Media Video) - One of the films I helped out in my third year of animation. The character, a young boy, was turned into half a mouse and I had to make him run like a mouse. It was fun doing this animation. One of my better works.

Above the Clouds: Middle Scene 33 (301Kbs - Windows Media Video) - I simply put this scene together. But the thing 'm most proud of here is the smoke effects! I created the smoke effects of the feet dragging along the dirt.


Above the Clouds: Intro Scene 10 - 11 (739Kbs - Windows Media Video) - I animated, coloured and composed this scene. It was kinda interesting make solid stuff seem....rubbery.


Above the Clouds: Middle Scene 21 (1.14Mbs - Windows Media Video) - This scene was quite a task. To make all the trees get knocked down. I did everything in this scene and it took a lot of trial and error to get it to what it is now. I'm happy with it, but it could've been better. I really enjoyed doing the smoke effects.
Above the Clouds: Middle Scene 18 (223Kbps - Windows Media Video) - I wish I could say I did the background, but I didn't. I just did the animation on top of it. A giant whale being moved.... hehehe.
Above the Clouds: Middle Scene 04 (380Kbps - Windows Media Video) - I just composited and did the smoke effects for this scene. Adobe After Effects is soooooo cool for this kind of stuff.
Above the Clouds: Middle Scene 25 (1.54Mpbs - Windows Media Video) - I did the bridge falling. Which was quite a pain to do, but I got it to work!

3D Jump Test (2.69Mbs - Quicktime) - We had to take this pre-made model and make him jump over an object. Also create pretty lighting and such. Just a simple jump.



War Memories (65.9Mbs - Quicktime) - One of my second year Leica Reels. The other one is too long and isn't that great. This one turned out much better. It's about a veteran soldiers who is still haunted by his memories of war.


Lip Synching (2.17Mbs - Window Media Video - .wmv) - This was our 2nd year final assignment. We were to take existing sound clips or create our own and animate to the voices. We couldn't take from anything animated since....our work would already be done!



The Lost Devil (7.76Mbs - Quicktime) - A 10 second short animation done in Adobe After Effects. No 3D, and not done in flash. This was a pain to do. Rotation in a flat world is not easy.


A trio of computer animations involving a flour (coffee) sac model I created using maya. We were to create simple movements for the flour sac to do and of course make it as believable as possible.

Side Step (135Kb - Quicktime) - A basic side step. Not so basic when trying to animate.

Jumping (148Kbs - Quicktime) - A basic jump. Easier to animate than the side step.

Twist Jump (207Kbs - Quicktime) - The flour sac not only jumps but also spins in the air as well!

Classic Flour Sac (319Kbs - Window Media Video) - Our final assignment from first year. We each randomly chose a prop to interact with the flour sac. I got a gumball machine.