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May-28-2006 1, 2, 3 ,4 ..... 8 Months since my last update! Well damn! It's been a while. But I've updated quite a few stuff. Got new Life Drawings and Sketches in my Gallery section. Updated the Media Gallery Section with a bunch of scenes that I worked on. I can't show the entire film here unfortunately since it was a group film. I didn't do all the work on it. But the scenes I show here I of course did work on. (which I do note in the section) Also, updated my Profile to include some of the programs I use for the films and such. And took out the Guestbook cause it was getting spammed by a whole bunch of spyware looking things.
Sep-28-2005 All right! Time to get back into the groove of things. (meaning updating once in a while!) This time, I recovered a low quality version of my Flour Sac assignment from 1st year. Also, my latest 3D assignment. Both are in the Media Gallery. Have a look!
Sep-25-2005 Wow......over a year without updates. But I did put up a lot! It's built up over the past year. I've also changed the categories, at least a few of them. Took out some. Yadda yadda. I now have the media gallery which has videos of my work. I got my school work from 2nd year in the gallery section. Have a look around. Also added some new main page images (not this page. This is the "splash" page). The main page images are random and there are about 8 of them. See if you can get them all. =) I hope you enjoy the updates!
Sep-07-2004 So now I have a Web Log (Blog). And it's partially in thanks to my friend, Pixie (thanks Pixie! XP ). Mind you, I dunno how often I'll update it so yeah. But check it out if you wanna see what's going on with me.
Sep-05-2004 The site is officially up! Yay! Still lots of empty sections though, but I'll slowly fill them up as time goes by.


All pictures and designs are mine unless stated otherwise. Please inform me if you wish to use any of my pictures or designs.